4 Color System in Cleaning

Cleaning & Hygiene Materials


To ensure hygiene during cleaning, a color system was introduced for the areas to be cleaned. The four easily distinguishable colors red, green, blue and yellow are used. Each color represents an area. This prevents a cloth that was previously used to clean the toilet from being used to dust a desk, and in this way germs are not transferred from the toilet to furnishings. Buckets, cloths and cleaning sponges made of polyurethane are available in the relevant colors. The following colors have become common in practice:

4 Color System



for the toilet, urinal and the tiles in the surrounding area.
4 Color System in Cleaning


for sanitary areas such as sinks, tiles, shelves, fittings, mirrors, shower cubicles and bathtubs.
4 Color System in Cleaning


furnishing objects such as desks, cupboards, chairs, shelves, radiators, doors etc.
4 Color System in Cleaning


special areas e.g. Cleaning and disinfection in the care area (care beds), operating theater or kitchen.

Removable cloth method

However, the four-color system does not prevent the transmission of germs between the toilets. In order to reduce this risk as well, the cloths must be changed every time you use the toilet, hence the name change cloth method. With the change cloth method, fresh cloths are used for a room or a toilet, thus avoiding the spread of germs from one room to the next.

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