What is cleaning cloth?

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What is the use of cleaning cloth?

Which cloth is best for kitchen?

Why are microfiber cloths good for cleaning?

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Fast & clean: the right cleaning cloth for every purpose

With the right cleaning cloth, housework will be quick and easy. For this reason, it is not advisable to reach for just any cloth at random when cleaning the house. The result is usually fluff or streaks on smooth surfaces and you get annoyed about the time you have invested in cleaning the household. With the right cleaning cloth for every area in the household, work will be easy for you and you will enjoy clean and shiny surfaces and window panes that can also be seen in the sun.

Cleaning the bathroom

The best way to clean the bathroom is to use an extra thick cloth with high suction power. This not only makes it child’s play to clean the shower and bathtub, but also the tiles and the fittings. The long and dense fibers of the cleaning cloth give you an exceptional cleaning effect and the surfaces dry quickly and without leaving streaks. If you take care of all areas in the bathroom regularly, you can do something about limescale deposits. However, if there are already slightly calcified areas in your bathroom, use a cleaning agent against limescale deposits in combination with the cleaning cloth.

Cleaning of windows and glass surfaces

To ensure that glass surfaces and windows are clean and streak-free, you need a very special cloth. It should have a special fiber structure and its fibers should be able to absorb moisture well. Thanks to the special fibers, fingerprints and grease marks can be easily removed from glass surfaces and windows. This special cleaning cloth is also suitable for chrome surfaces.

The multi-purpose cleaning cloth

You can clean almost all surfaces in your household with a multi-purpose cleaning cloth. Such cleaning cloths usually have a thicker and often wedge-shaped structure. This means that dirt is easily picked up and liquids can be easily sucked up. At the same time, you can also use the multi-purpose cleaning cloth to remove grease and bacteria from surfaces. The multi-purpose cleaning cloth can not only be used wet, because dry it is very suitable for dusting your furniture and other surfaces.

The kitchen towel

You should pay special attention to the kitchen when cleaning. Kitchen towels have to be very durable and yet highly absorbent. Often kitchen cleaning cloths are equipped with a special scrubbing corner so that you can tackle even stubborn dirt. The dirt can be easily loosened and picked up with this scrubbing corner and can thus be easily removed. With a kitchen cleaning cloth, neither grease nor bacteria stand a chance in your kitchen. In many cases, wiping with pure water without additional detergents is sufficient.

The special window cloth

With a special window cloth you can do without chemical cleaning agents in most cases. The cloths for the windows are highly absorbent. Not only do they simply loosen the dirt, they also absorb it and hold it in their fibers. Even stubborn soiling on the frame or on the window sills has no chance with a special window cleaning cloth.

General tip for all cleaning wipes

It doesn’t matter which cleaning cloth you use for what work – cleaning cloths should be washed regularly in the washing machine at at least 60 degrees. This not only removes dirt, but also most bacteria. Cleaning cloths for the kitchen or the toilet should be washed in the washing machine at 95 degrees, ideally every day.

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