A cleaning routine makes life a lot easier

A cleaning routine makes life a lot easier. Where do you start when cleaning your apartment – and how often should you clean something?

No time to clean? Does not apply! With the right plan, anyone can have a clean apartment – but you have to be ready to do something every day. Which is a lot less strenuous than it sounds.

When you come home from work, cleaning your apartment is probably the last thing you want to do. Time is scarce and precious. It is no coincidence that there is also a quick version for everything – we speed data, eat (sometimes) fast food and practice one-minute workouts . Why isn’t this also available for cleaning your home? Yes, it’s called speed cleaning!

But that only makes for a superficially clean impression. In the long term, you should clean your apartment more thoroughly – room by room. But even here it is possible to save yourself a lot of time with a certain routine. This also includes doing certain tasks every day.

It is possible to save yourself a lot of time with a certain cleaning routine. 

  • Dishes belong in the dishwasher, they should also be emptied regularly. If you don’t have one, you have to wash your dishes every day for better or worse.
  • The hand towel should be changed daily; Before the used one goes into the laundry basket, you can use it to clean all smooth surfaces in the bathroom. It is best to wipe the sink dry once every time you wash your hands – this makes one or the other intensive cleaning against limescale superfluous.
  • The work surface and kitchen table should be kept free of crumbs and leftovers. The same applies to the kitchen floor, so sweep it regularly.
  • If something goes wrong, it should be wiped up or swept up straight away. Waiting a long time doesn’t make things any better.
  • Clearing out and tidying up is important , you should make sure every day that useless stuff doesn’t accumulate anywhere – and that all things always move back into their place.
  • Beds should be fluffed up and made every morning.
  • Wash laundry – not just when the basket is overfull.
  • Empty the trash can, especially if it contains leftover food. Tip: Always line the floor with newspaper, this will keep it clean and absorb odors.
  • Swing the feather duster every few days – even on mirror and glass surfaces. Once again, this saves you having to use glass cleaner and a microfiber cloth.
  • Speaking of rags: you should have as many of them in use as possible, one for each area. It is better to replace the cloth once more than to spread germs and fluff all over the place. At the end, the entire collection of cleaning cloths can be washed together.

Monthly cleaning routine, what you should do for cleaning:

  • The entire apartment should be vacuumed and mopped once a month. Of course, if there is lint, animal hair or crumbs on the floor, you have to work more often.
  • Thoroughly wipe the doors, wall tiles, radiators, light switches and lamps once with the damp cloth. Water and detergent are usually sufficient here.
  • Remove dust and cobwebs from wallpaper (especially woodchip) with a broom, including the blinds if necessary.
  • Clean smeared, smeared mirror or glass surfaces, windows – necessarily including frames.
  • Put all shoes, jackets and accessories from the cloakroom back into the cupboards – only what is really worn should be left outside. At the same time, the stacks in the wardrobes can also be sorted.
  • Wipe wooden furniture with a damp cloth and treat it with furniture polish. Incidentally, this also helps with other smooth surfaces and prevents dust from settling again too quickly.
  • Sort or throw away magazines, paperwork and other collections – yes, also in the junk drawers.
  • Check the contents of the freezer and refrigerator , sort them out and clean the devices. The freezer should also be defrosted once or twice a year, depending on the device.
  • Thoroughly clean all other kitchen appliances (stove, oven, microwave, extractor hood) and cupboards that are usually covered with a greasy layer as a result of cooking. A paste made from baking soda and water or detergent is best for this.
  • The bathroom should also undergo a thorough cleaning once a month – from descaling the tap to washing the bath mats and shower curtains to intensive cleaning of the toilet.

It doesn’t matter whether you complete the more intensive program in one day or spread it over several days. The main thing is to bring a certain cleaning routine into it – then over time it will not only go faster with cleaning, but also better. And if you fulfill your mandatory to-dos every day, the monthly to-dos are only half as strenuous.

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