Anyone who rents or buys a motorhome has to be prepared for the fact that the camper also needs cleaning and care. Here are the cleaning tips to remove dirt inside and outside effectively and without unnecessary effort? With our tips and the practical checklist you can get your rental camper or your own motorhome spotlessly clean.

1. Cleaning tips for rental campers

If you want to rent a motorhome , you should make sure that it is thoroughly cleaned before returning it. There is usually sufficient,  drain all tanks , the brush interior swept clean and to clean all surfaces . Most rental companies will do the thorough interior cleaning and cleaning of the exterior if the vehicle is dirty from normal use. However, if the motorhome is soiled, for example by crossing a river bed, it must at least be cleared of the coarsest dirt before it is returned.

Danger! If the motorhome is not cleaned on return and / or the drain tanks have not been drained, the motorhome rental company will usually charge a high cleaning fee .

The principle is simple: the camper should look as clean when it is returned as it did when it was picked up. These are the most important points:

  • Wipe all of the shelves
  • Clean the hotplate (crumbs, grease stains, etc.)
  • Clean the bathroom (hair, soap residue, etc.)
  • sweeping the floor
  • Drain tanks
  • Remove bed linen and collect towels

2. Cleaning tips for your own camper

RV owners certainly have more work to do with cleaning their vehicles. In addition to basic cleaning after use, the mobile home also needs regular maintenance and external cleaning . The outer sheet, seals of windows and doors, upholstery, awning or awning and the tanks should be serviced and cleaned about twice a year when the motorhome is actively used and there are special means for each part.

3. Exterior maintenance

Black streaks on the camper’s outer cover, which cannot be easily removed, are particularly annoying. Anyone who declares war on you has various options to get rid of the unpleasant streaks: The quickest way to clean the motorhome is in a car wash. Although there are now some washing facilities for caravans and campers, there is a truck washing stationcertainly easier to find. Be sure to speak to an employee of the car wash beforehand and ask him whether the system is expressly also suitable for mobile homes. Not every motorhome is suitable for a truck wash, as the hard brushes can scratch windows under certain circumstances. A look at the manufacturer information can also help. Before doing this, don’t forget to remove any protruding parts and close the windows.

Alternatively, Cleanparks offer special cleaning stations where you can either clean your motorhome yourself or have it cleaned by hand . Cleanparks are particularly suitable for those motorhome fans who do not have the necessary equipment (ladder, water hose, etc.) or the space to clean the outside of a motorhome at home.

Anyone who has the opportunity to clean the camper in their own front yard will find special agents in specialist shops that clean the exterior paint gently and effectively . After all the dark stripes and stains are removed, it is recommended that the vehicle is to grow . The wax protects the paintwork, reduces further dirt and scratches and lets the motorhome shine like new.

4. Cleaning tips for the interior

There are also a few things to consider when cleaning the interior. Here are the cleaning tips for the interior of your camper. Especially when cleaning the windows, you should be careful not to use a commercial glass cleaner, but special acrylic glass cleaner . For the care of the seals, on the other hand, a treatment with glycerine or talc , which you can get from a drugstore or pharmacy, is sufficient . Well-maintained seals remain pliable and waterproof for longer.

Upholstery and carpets should be vacuumed regularly, preferably outside the motorhome. If you are not going to use the camper for some time, the upholstery and carpets as well as the interior will be better ventilated if you keep them outside the vehicle .

Smooth surfaces, cupboards and floors can be cleaned with common household cleaning agents. Refrigerators, kitchen cupboards and furniture flaps should be left open when not in use, so that the air inside can circulate better and there is no musty smell.

5. Cleaning tips for the water tanks and awnings

The contamination in water and waste water tanks and pipes is usually invisible and difficult to access. Nevertheless, the drinking water tank in particular should be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected at least twice a year, otherwise algae and bacteria will develop in it.

With a special disinfectant you remove bacteria and algae deposits. This is dissolved in water and works overnight. Next, you disinfect the tank with a disinfectant that should contain chlorine and silver ions, as these substances protect the drinking water system from bacteria over the long term. Finally, you should treat the tanks with a decalcifying agent to remove bacteria from their habitat.

Finally, the awning or awning must be cleaned to protect it from mold. In most cases, it is sufficient to wipe the fabric with a sponge, cloth or brush and clean water. For heavier soiling, use soap or a mild detergent.

6. Cleaning checklist for RV owners

  • Remove black stripes and stains on the outer panel
  • Apply wax
  • Clean windows with acrylic glass cleaner
  • Rub seals with glycerine or talc
  • Vacuum upholstery and carpets and put them out to air
  • Wipe smooth surfaces and cabinets with a wet cloth
  • Sweep and mop the floor
  • Clean the kitchenette with common household cleaning agents
  • Leave the refrigerator and kitchen cupboards open after cleaning
  • Remove algae deposits from water and waste water tanks, disinfect and decalcify them
  • Wash the awning or awning and let it air dry

Your camber is like your home. So you have to clean it like your home. Please read this article for more information about <a href=”/blog/2021/04/18/household-cleaning/“>household cleaning tips</a> Protection Status