Main Products

Hunter’s main products are high pile technical textiles, cleaning items, microfiber cleaning cloths, mopping trolleys, handles, floor mops, cleaning sets, household cleaning items, industrial cleaning equipment, surface cleaners, disposable civil mask, medical mask, detergents, disinfectants, paint rollers, wax applicators, wash mitts, polishing pads, etc. ….

Hunt’s is one of the trade mark of Hunter Dis Tic. / TURKEY

World class supplier

Hunter is a world-class supplier of cleaning & hygiene materials. In view of the rapid development of the international epidemic situation, in order to better serve customers and contribute to our fight against the epidemic situation, the company has urgent action and has successfully applied for medical equipment qualifications of distribution, production and exporting.

The company  provides new and old customers with procurement services for medical supplies such as medical masks, protective suit, rubber gloves, goggles, thermometer, disinfectant, hand lotion, mask production equipment. We solemnly promise that the medical masks and other medical supplies we export have obtained relevant certifications and are of reliable quality. We have large inventory of medical masks, fast delivery, and ensure direct-factory price supply.

During the past 30 years since 1990, Hunter has shared millions of cleaning equipents with customers from more than 70 countries. Now we also supply high quality facial masks and other medical supplies for the world customers. Thanks your excellency for choosing the top class medical supplies products provider. 

About Manufacturing plant

Its plant is commissioned on 12,000 square meters which is situated in the industrial area of Taskopru ,Yalova/TURKEY.

With advanced machinery systems, HUNTER manufactures high quality of woven plush fabric, plastic parts for cleaning items, cleaning products, paint rollers.   

The main volume of production is distributed throughout Turkey and marketed domestically. The products are also being exported, and this ensures full utilization of the factory’s total capacity.

Technical textiles

HUNTER is the largest woven high pile technical textile manufacturer and exporter in Turkey with an investment of 85 million $. HUNTER’s production line also has, industrial and household cleaning mops, plastic parts for mops like; mop frames, plastic handles, plastic tubes, cleaning sets, mopping trolleys, paint rollers…

About Decart

Decart is the brand name of HUNTER for paint applicators.

About Elefan household cleaning tools

Elefan is the brand name of household cleaning products.

Hunt's industrial cleaning

Hunt’s is  the brand name of HUNTER for industrial cleaning of flat mops, mop frames, trolleys, handles, medical supplies, …