Cleaning agent for all floors and surfaces

In our online shop for cleaning products and hygiene, you can buy all professional cleaning agents for all floor coverings and surfaces online at low prices. Upon request, you will receive individual product advice for each cleaning agent so that you can choose the right agent for your needs.

Cleaning products for building cleaning

Building cleaning is a science in itself. How do you properly clean surfaces? What is the best way to remove heavy soiling? What detergents do i have to use? Mainly in the commercial sector there is soiling which anyone often does not know how to deal with. It is not uncommon for there to be a lack of knowledge of how to safely remove stains from sensitive surfaces. If too strong agents are used, the cleaned surface will be damaged.

Often, health hazards are also not considered when using strong basic cleaners. So that you don’t have any problems with customers later, you should always pay close attention to the product description when choosing cleaning agents and seek advice if necessary. The Hygiene-Shop service team is available to our customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For application questions about cleaning agents Just give us a call from our online shop or send us an e-mail.

Not every cleaning product is suitable for daily cleaning. You should therefore carefully check whether the selected cleaning agent is a basic cleaner or a maintenance cleaner . If possible, we recommend that you order cleaning agents from one manufacturer instead of buying cleaners from many different manufacturers. Whether sanitary cleaners, all-purpose cleaners, carpet cleaners, basic cleaners or metal cleaners – we have the right cleaning products for every surface in our online shop .

After cleaning with the right cleaning agent , it is at least as important to choose the right care agent. At Hygiene-Shop for thoroughly cleaned floors you will find high-quality primers, wiping care products and coatings to protect against scratches and dirt. Professional cleaning equipment such as mops, folding holders and cleaning trolleys can also be obtained from Hygiene-Shop at wholesale prices.

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Cleaning agents

Cleaning agents are usually divided into the following groups:

  • All-purpose cleaner for universal cleaning of waterproof surfaces with light soiling
  • Basic cleaner for removing stubborn dirt deposits in various areas (sanitary, kitchen, etc.)
  • Sanitary cleaner for cleaning the toilet area and washrooms
  • Maintenance cleaner for daily cleaning of floors and surfaces of various types
  • Special cleaner to remove special soiling (e.g. rust, lime, grease or moss) from different surfaces such as carpets, fine stoneware floors, sensitive metal surfaces or wood.

We also have the right cleaning products in our online shop for areas in which disinfection plays a major role. Hospitals, medical practices and care facilities can not do without cleaning agents with disinfectant properties . You can order so-called disinfectant cleaners online from the Hygiene Shop for these areas. Disinfectant cleaners clean and disinfect at the same time. Detergents for disinfecting cleaning are listed according to various criteria, depending on the area of ​​application and spectrum of activity.

Normal cleaning agents do not kill bacteria, viruses and germs, which is why antibacterial cleaning products and surface disinfectants are often used in kindergartens, day care centers and after-school care centers. But also in large companies more and more importance is attached to disinfectant cleaners in order to keep the spread of viruses, bacteria and fungi as low as possible. Especially for the toilet area, you will find disinfectant cleaners for toilet seat disinfection at Hygiene-Shop. Using a special disinfectant dispenser, the toilet seat can be easily disinfected and cleaned by the user. Surveys have shown that people feel much more comfortable in toilets where toilet seat disinfection is offered than in toilet facilities where this option is not available.

A conventional all-purpose cleaner is of course not enough, especially in the kitchen area. This is where special kitchen cleaning products such as degreaser or crust remover come into play. For cleaning dishes, cutlery and glasses, you can also buy various machine detergents, hand washing detergents and other cleaning agents online at low prices in our shop. Rinse aid, dishwasher salt and dishwasher tabs can also be found under the detergent product group . For the surface disinfection of work surfaces, a residue-free rapid disinfectant without perfumes and dyes must be used in kitchens. Protection Status