Spring cleaning, is your household ready for it?

spring cleaning

Winter is over and the days are getting longer. Time to whip up your own four walls and prepare for the warm season. An extensive spring cleaning should not be missing – ideally with products from hunter.tc

You should allow yourself time for a spring cleaning, ideally a whole day. It is important to work systematically to save time. It is useful to go through one room at a time. Rooms that have a smooth floor should be cleaned at the end. First use those tasks for which you need the same cleaner. You can find suitable products at Hunter here.


Set goals that are easily achievable and envision your tidy, clean home. Dust-free surfaces, spot-free windows, well-organized cupboards and shelves, a fresh, spring-like fragrance in your rooms. Plan a reward for yourself that will encourage you to persevere.
Remember: the work pays off and you welcomed spring. The sunlight will shine through the windows warmer and longer.
If you don’t want to spend a whole day on spring cleaning, you can spread the cleaning work over several days and always do a room or a single job such as window cleaning, wiping, etc. This is also how you reach your goal.

spring cleaning
spring cleaning

Here’s how to start

A rule of thumb for spring cleaning is: Always clean and wipe from top to bottom and from back to front.
If you are right-handed, you should work from right to left. In order not to stir up dust, you should dust them off before vacuuming. When polishing wooden surfaces, do so in the direction of the grain. Before you start, clean up old and unnecessary items. In the closet there are often parts that have not been worn for years. Maybe someone else will find a use for it? You should dispose of unnecessary dust collectors. Some people find it difficult. But if you create more space, you liberate yourself – you simply feel better in a tidy apartment.

For spring cleaning you will need:

Natural, gentle cleaning agents, reusable cleaning rags and a good mood. There is a huge selection of sustainable products for your spring cleaning in the hunter.tc online shop. Whether you need care for your dishes, the windows, the floors or even the car, the versatile range has it all. The natural cleaning agents protect your surfaces and look completely natural. This is not only good for your favorite furnishings, but also for your health.

Important: As soon as something is stubbornly soiled, do not use scratches or steel wool! They damage the surfaces and even permanently. It is better to have the right detergents on hand and, if necessary, some time to soak.

Don’t be stingy on the number of towels. For hygienic reasons, do not use the same cleaning rags for the bathroom and kitchen, it is best to declare them clearly so that you can use them again and again for the same room. Remember that disposable wipes cause too much rubbish and, with their surface structure, usually do not clean as thoroughly as special cleaning wipes that you can find on Hunter.tc

The to-do list

  • Clean windows in all rooms,
  • Remove dust from door frames and window frames,
  • Wash curtains,
  • Tidy up cupboards,
  • Muck out clothes,
  • Sort out any expired food,
  • Remove cobwebs from ceilings and walls,
  • Remove dust and polish and, if necessary, glaze wooden furniture,
  • Clean lampshades,
  • Wipe dust – including the radiator floors
  • Vacuum and mop
  • Clean carpets

In the kitchen

At the beginning, the oven should be sprayed with oven spray so that it can be absorbed. Then clean the tiles from oil splashes and other debris. The hotplates or the induction cooker are cleaned with a special cleaner. The refrigerator is mucked out and cleaned. For the sake of simplicity, the individual parts are first removed and rinsed clear. Now check the extractor hood. The filter may have to be replaced. The coffee machine and kettle should be freed from limescale.

In the bathroom

Check your cosmetics. What can go away? Which medical items have expired? You organize cupboards and shelves. Mirrors are cleaned with glass cleaner. The frame should not be forgotten here, which should ideally be wiped with a damp cloth. The bathtub, wash basin, tiles and shower are first freed from limescale and then thoroughly cleaned. The faucet and shower head should also be taken into account. To clean drains, you should first remove hair and dirt by hand (don’t forget gloves). If there is stubborn dirt in the drain, a suction cup can help. Then biological drain cleaner helps to remove the remaining dirt. The toilet should be cleaned first on the outside and then on the inside.Our other tips on bathroom cleaning blog can help you here.

In the living room

The couch can be knocked out again, vacuumed and then cleaned. Pillows should be peeled off and washed. Take the time to clear the window sills, then dusting and wiping with a damp cloth will be quicker and easier. Electronic devices must be handled with care. There is a special cleaning disc for CD or DVD drives.

In the bedroom

Here it is a good idea to vacuum the mattresses and clean them if necessary. Check if you need to replace the ceiling. In spring cleaning, a thinner comforter is suitable. Wash bedclothes and make new bedclothes. The wardrobe should be cleared out and sorted. Finally, remove any accumulated dust with a dry duster.

Stow the children’s winter clothing separately in the children’s room . Old toys and broken toys should be sorted out. What is no longer used can be given away or sold at the market, even online. This also applies to clothes that have become too small. Don’t throw things away. Make others happy!

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