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Before window cleaning equipment got into the subject, surveys showed that window cleaning is not one of the most popular jobs in homes. The reasons for this are varied. Many well-known excuses were used, from “not worth it” to “having no idea how to do it right.” But after that this must end! Cleaning windows is not difficult and can be really fun with a few tips and tricks. You will feel joy when the sun shines through your sparkling windows, we promise! 😉 That’s why this blog post contains the most tried and tested advice on window cleaning.

Safety first – security while cleaning windows

Due to their location, some windows are difficult to reach and thus pose a problem for many. It is not possible to leave a long term without cleaning them, risky methods should not be used to reach these windows. Therefore, to avoid falling, we strongly recommend that you always use a safe ladder instead of climbing window sills, furniture. Before using, you should check the ladder once for safety, especially if it has not been used for a long time. Are all steps screwed tight? Are the rubber feet wobbling? After just a short check you can concentrate on your windows.

First clean inside then outside

This tip is particularly important to us because it helps protect the environment. Water is a valuable material that we should not waste. That’s why our online shop offers many efficient and environmentally friendly solutions for home cleaning. For this reason, we recommend that you always clean the windows first from the inside and then from the outside. Inside, windows are generally much less dirty than outside. 

Change the water regularly

When and how often you want to change the cleaning water depends entirely on the degree of contamination and the size of the window. If the frame and windowpane are not cleaned properly after several windows have been cleaned, a water change should be considered. But as a general rule, changing the cleaning water every 4-5 windows has proven effective. Cleaning cloths should also be renewed regularly for best results. In our online shop you will find many suitable cleaning and wiping cloths to make window cleaning even easier.

Wear appropriate clothing

Ofcource you would not clean your windows with your festive clothing, but still, if you want to clean your windows, it is recommended that you wear tight-fitting clothing when choosing clothes. Loose clothing can quickly catch on door or window handles and thus pose an additional risk of falling. If using ladders, you should pay attention to sturdy shoes with non-slip soles. Flip-flops, sandals are also not a good idea when cleaning windows in the summer.

The right cleaning agent and the right window cleaning equipment

First of all, the correct window cleaning equipment is essential for successful window cleaning. Don’t be fooled by the cheap glass cleaners at the supermarket! These are not made from real chemicals and are not good for you or your windows. Efficient, environmentally friendly alternatives such as Hunt’s window cleaning equipment clean every window glass reliably and without streaks. The result is great if you use a windshield wiper like Hunt’s . In our online shop you will find many smart ideas for cleaning your home in a comfortable, inexpensive and environmentally friendly way. Regardless of window cleaning, limescale or floors, at you can be sure to have the right cleaning agent for you and your home!

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