What are the best manual cleaning equipment?

manual cleaning
Hand of man wearing orange rubber gloves is used to convert scrub cleaning on the tile floor.

The most tried and tested manual cleaning devices for the home [guide]

What advantages cleaning robots offer and why the classic vacuum cleaner is still not obsolete: Here is an overview and the most tried and tested models.

Whether manual cleaning, window cleaners or mopping robots – the possibilities of keeping a household clean and hygienic have multiplied compared to earlier times.

Smart cleaning devices such as autonomously driving vacuum or mopping robots are clearly on the advance . Nevertheless, the classic vacuum cleaner is far from obsolete, because when it comes to thoroughness , the manually operated devices are still unbeatable. Despite ongoing technical advances, hygienically meticulous people, for example, consider the cleaning of corners with robot cleaning devices to be insufficient for many devices. However, new models in a square shape can help.

The condition of the floor , structural obstacles and personal preferences are the decisive criteria when choosing cleaning devices – and of course the performance of the device itself. Here is an overview of various options for keeping the apartment or house clean.

Cleaning equipment checklist

  • Classical cleaning equipment, which are led by hand themselves like manual cleaning are, in the eyes of many in terms of thoroughness still can not be beat . Whether handheld vacuum cleaners, bagless floor vacuum cleaners or floor polishing machines and window cleaning devices: the suction power or actual performance of the device is one of the main criteria for good cleaning results. Both current and battery-operated devices are available in high quality.
  • Important: A high number of watts alone is not an indication of a good cleaning effect – the decisive factor is how well the device converts the wattage into suction power .
  • Smart cleaning aids such as vacuum robots, mopping robots or combination devices with both functions are much more convenient . Window cleaning robots can also save a lot of time and effort. With all these devices, however, it is important that they have a corresponding design with intelligent, sophisticated functions that also make it possible to clean the corners . The automatic detection and avoidance of obstacles with the aid of sensors is also important for floor devices in order to prevent them from constantly bumping into expensive pieces of furniture.
  • The condition of the floor and the entire apartment is just as important: higher door thresholds can mean the end of the line for inferior models. If there are several floors, a separate device must be purchased for each floor anyway – because we are not yet aware of devices with a flight function.

What are the types of manual cleaning tools and equipment?

  • Cleaning trolley and bucket. Mobile bucket carts. Bucket. …
  • Floor Sweeping and scraping. Dust binding. Wet cleaning.
  • Surface Scraping. Dust binding. Moist and wet cleaning.
  • Window scrapers and blades. Washer. T-beam. …
  • Handles.

What is manual cleaning equipment?

Although neither water nor chemical cleaning agents are used, you can clean extremely thoroughly with a hand-held sweeper. Dry manual cleaning enables you to clean the floor at any time – even if people are still working in the building or crossing your path. You do not need to wait until nobody is on the floor, nor do you have to put up warning signs about a wet floor.

This flexibility enables you to carry out regular cleaning during the day and not after the customer’s day-to-day business. This can have positive effects on their working hours, especially for building cleaners. At the same time, cleaning without chemicals and water is particularly environmentally friendly.

However, the following applies: With manual cleaning, the floor is swept clean, i.e. dust-free, but not completely freed from stubborn dirt. 


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