What is best cleaning equipment in housekeeping?


Cleanliness is very important to all of us today. Regular cleaning is a must, both in private households and in the office, in industrial operations as well as in hotels, train stations and airports. It concerns all areas: in an apartment or house, it is the floor and the windows, the furniture and the walls, the balcony and the terrace, the cellar and the garage. Depending on the different surfaces and their size, the degree of soiling or the respective frequency of use of a location, appropriate cleaning machines and cleaning utensils, cleaning agents and cleaning accessories are available today.

How do we take good care of tools and equipment used in housekeeping?

Choosing the most suitable equipment for a household or a business is not easy, as the range is huge. In addition to the traditional vacuum cleaner, which is not missing in any household or business, numerous new cleaning machines are offered today . Cleaning machines such as sweepers, carpet cleaning machines, scrubber driers and polishing machines are usually intended for very special cleaning work.

What cleaning equipment absolutely inevitable and which ones are unnecessary or even superfluous depends on the cleaning needs and the hygiene requirements of the respective household or business. For example, whether there are different floor coverings and which ones: carpeting or parquet, tiles or PVC. For example, microfiber mops are mainly used for smooth floors, while cotton mops and fringed wipers are used to mop uneven floor coverings. With cotton mops, the loops also get into deep joints and can therefore also pick up the dirt there.

What are the equipment used in cleaning?

Here it is important to give preference to environmentally friendly chemicals, substances and consumables – such as sponges and cloths, mops and garbage bags. We will be happy to provide you with information and prices for cleaning devices . For professional building cleaning you can buy all cleaning products and devices in our shop online. Many of our customers have worked in building cleaning for years and can therefore provide you with detailed advice on all questions relating to cleaning and hygiene.

Professional cleaning tools are efficient, ergonomic and ecological

When choosing the right cleaning machines and devices for a company, important criteria must be taken into account. On the one hand, this includes profitability and efficiency. On the other hand, it is important to observe occupational safety and ergonomics in cleaning practice as well as the health protection of the respective cleaning staff. The right solution for this are additional products for occupational safety (protective gloves, respiratory protection, hearing protection) . Further test points that must be taken into account today are the ecological aspects of the respective cleaning agents, spare parts and cleaning accessories. 

The most tried and tested cleaning devices for the home

Whether vacuum cleaners, window cleaners or mopping robots – the possibilities of keeping a household clean and hygienic have multiplied compared to earlier times.

Smart cleaning devices such as autonomously driving vacuum or mopping robots are clearly on the advance . Nevertheless, the classic vacuum cleaner is far from obsolete, because in terms of thoroughness , the manually operated devices are still unbeatable. Despite ongoing technical advances, hygienically meticulous people, for example, consider the cleaning of corners with robot cleaning devices to be insufficient for many devices. But new models in a square shape can help.

The condition of the floor , structural obstacles and personal preferences are the decisive criteria when choosing cleaning devices – and of course the performance of the device itself. Here is an overview of various options for keeping the apartment or house clean.

Cleaning equipment checklist

  • Classical cleaning equipment, which are led by hand themselves are, in the eyes of many in terms of thoroughness still can not be beat . Whether hand-held vacuum cleaners, bagless floor vacuum cleaners or polishing machines and window cleaning devices: the suction power or actual performance of the device is one of the main criteria for good cleaning results. Both current and battery operated devices are available in high quality.
  • Important: A high number of watts alone does not indicate a good cleaning effect – the decisive factor is how well the watt output is converted into suction power by the device .
  • Smart cleaning aids such as vacuum robots, mopping robots or combination devices with both functions are much more convenient . Window cleaning robots can also save a lot of time and effort. With all these devices, however, it is important that they have an appropriate design with intelligent, sophisticated functions that also make it possible to clean the corners . The automatic detection and avoidance of obstacles with the aid of sensors is also important for floor devices in order to prevent them from constantly bumping into expensive furniture.
  • The condition of the floor and the entire apartment is just as crucial: higher door thresholds can mean the end of the line for inferior models. If there are several floors, a separate device must be purchased for each floor anyway – because we are not yet aware of devices with a flight function.

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