What is basic cleaning?

What does a basic cleaning include?

Cleaning is necessary for every person, more precisely for every person who cares about his health. Health is an important blessing for every person. Cleaning is also given importance in terms of religion. Such that; Cleanliness is the pillar of religion. This is stated by his word. There are many more words on this subject that do not end with counting. Some people may think that hygiene is not to let anyone into their home, to wipe everywhere with cleaners constantly and to take dust by walking around with a dust cloth in hand, but this is very harmful. Especially since cleaners are chemical, they cause many diseases. It is recommended that those who clean for health (ladies) use less of these chemicals.

Basic cleaning means getting rid of unnecessary and harmful elements. All kinds of rust, dust, dirt, etc. that will harm our cleaning health. It can be defined as applications to be made to protect from such environments.

What is standart cleaning?

All practices and basic cleaning measures taken to protect health from harmful environments are defined as hygiene.

Cleaning is not sufficient only when there is visible contamination. For example; Washing the face after waking up is basic cleaning, changing the clothes and daily cleaning practices are also basic cleaning.

Basic cleaning is the most important tool of protecting the health of others, especially one’s own health. It is not only body cleaning, but also keeping everything and every environment clean is a requirement of being clean.

basic cleaning
The Importance of Cleaning and Hygiene

Cleaning is the first condition and rule of health.

Importance of Hygiene and basic cleaning
With the provision of hygiene, people cannot transmit any infectious diseases to others, as they are free from pathogenic microorganisms and parasites.

Purposes of Hygienic Applications:

To provide cleansing by removing body secretions, wastes and temporary microorganisms from the body.
To reduce the individual’s relaxation, rest, relaxation and muscle tension.
To remove bad odors (sweat odor) from the body.
To make the general appearance of the individual positive, to increase self-confidence

What is the basic cleaning done with?
Cleaning is done in various ways. We can list them as follows.

Cleaning by washing with water,
Wipe clean,
Cleaning by burning it,
Cleaning by scraping and rubbing,
Cleaning by drying and sprinkling soil.
Cleaning Types
As the type of surface material and space used in the market increases, the cleaning

Physical Cleaning
There are also differences in methods. For example, the cleaning method used for the plastic surface and the wooden surface, the procedures and chemicals used in cleaning a hospital and hotel room differ. Therefore, it is necessary to apply different cleaning processes for each different area. In the examinations made, it is seen that the cleaning issue is carried out in five different dimensions, and if all of these processes are implemented, complete cleaning of the area is in question.


Chemical Cleaning
Physical cleaning: Clean surfaces from dust, garbage, debris, etc. removing visible dirt,
Chemical cleaning: Using various chemicals to clean surfaces,
Bacteriological cleaning: Cleaning of various pathogen (bacteria, fungi and viruses) microorganisms that are invisible to the eye that can cause disease from surfaces, disinfection,
Osmological cleaning: Removal of visible and invisible dirt that causes odor in the environment,
Entomological cleaning: It is the cleaning and control made to prevent pests in the environment.

Another type of cleaning that is frequently emphasized within the scope of grouping the cleaning type according to its purpose is hygiene. Hygiene includes the knowledge and practices required for the protection, maintenance and promotion of health in individuals and communities. Therefore, in addition to visible cleaning, cleaning free from invisible microorganisms or all elements that threaten health are included in this scope. In other words, it is possible to provide hygienic cleaning by realizing all processes from physical cleaning to entomological cleaning in the above order.

The basic cleaning program can be prepared according to its purpose or according to different criteria. The program criteria to be taken as basis in the planning to be prepared for cleaning works are given below.

Cleaning Types According to Time
While the program is made according to this criterion, the frequency of the works is taken as a basis and the works are carried out as routine, periodic or construction cleaning.

Construction cleaning,
Daily cleaning (routine),
Periodic cleaning.
Cleaning Types According to Surfaces
Grouping cleaning according to the surface to be done here; The method to be applied to the material, chemical substance is formed on this basis.

For this purpose, there are the following types of basic cleaning:

Glass cleaning,
Metal cleaning,
Cleaning of plastic surfaces,
Cleaning of wooden surfaces,
Stone surface cleaning,
Fabric surface cleaning,
Tile surface cleaning,
Painted surface cleaning.

According to the Material Used

Another criterion used in grouping cleaning works is the basic tools and equipment used in cleaning. For example, the equipment and cleaning materials to be used in dry cleaning or wet cleaning are very different from each other.

Cleaning types can be listed as follows according to the material used:

Dry cleaning,
Moist cleaning,
Wet cleaning,
Vacuum cleaning,
Spray cleaning,
Steam cleaning.
Cleaning Types According to Working Method
In this criterion, employees are directed to a certain way of working. Especially, in the determination of labor wages and in cases where the work needs to be completed in a shorter time, cleaning works are grouped according to this criterion.

This type of cleaning is divided into the following subheadings:

Block work,

In an effective or successful basic cleaning program; The duration of the cleaning, the elegance of the cleaning, the cleaning method, the temperature of the cleaning solution, the duration of use of the solution, the type and amount of the cleaning agent used, the combination of the tools and equipment used in appropriate combinations are important.

The following basic process is used in all cleaning activities:

Cleaning visible dirt,
Cleaning hidden dirt,
Protection of surfaces from mechanical and chemical corrosion (protection of values),
Enhancing the appearance of the surfaces (aesthetic),
Facilitating daily maintenance (cost),
The optimal combination of cleaning, disinfection and care.

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