What does cleaning mean?

What are the three types of cleaning?

What does cleaning mean? What is cleaning?

Spiritual cleansing
It consists of human soul and body. The main feature that distinguishes humans from other living things; thinking, acting with reason and will. The behavior of a person who thinks correctly and uses his mind and will well is also correct and beautiful. The first requirement for spiritual cleansing is to keep thought clean. As long as people stay away from harmful and bad thoughts, they dominate their behavior. Because all movements have a thought phase first. Every behavior, good or bad, is first designed and planned in mind and then implemented. Therefore, the morality of a person whose mind is full of beautiful emotions becomes better. We must read a lot and be a knowledgeable person to make our soul beautiful. Knowledge strengthens the human mind and will. It reveals the damages of bad habits and behaviors. Knowledgeable people know the value of good manners and their benefits for humans. They have no difficulty distinguishing between right and wrong. One has to convince oneself to stay away from evil. A person who believes in the evil and harm of an act gets better away from it. Reason and logic are fed by knowledge and manners. The indicator of spiritual beauty is good morality. The most beautiful moral rules are determined by the religion of Islam. Our beloved Prophet is the symbol of good morals and spiritual cleanliness. Those who are devoted to Islam take him as an example, adopt his good habits and clean their heart and soul. Our aim and effort should be like this. What does cleaning mean?

What is the definition of cleaned?

What does cleaning mean? All kinds of rust, dust, dirt, etc. that will harm our cleaning health. It can be defined as applications to be made to protect from such environments. All of the measures taken for cleaning are called hygiene.

How Should Human Body Cleanliness Be? What does cleaning mean?
We can examine body cleansing under three headings:

What does cleaning means

What does cleaning mean?

1- External cleaning of the body: It is to keep all our external organs contaminated by various factors clean. This cleaning should be continuous and periodic. An exemplary person washes his / her organs such as hands, feet, face and nose that get dirty at least three times a day with plenty of water in the morning, noon and evening. He cleans his mouth and brushes his teeth after meals and before going to bed. He takes a bath at least twice a week and cleans his whole body with plenty of water and soap. It cuts when your nails grow. It stretches its hair long enough to keep it clean and shaves immediately when necessary. It uses fragrances that are not too heavy like cologne and it smells beautiful.

2- Internal cleaning of the body: It is to keep our internal organs away from harmful foods and substances. An exemplary person eats regularly and avoids overeating. Avoid harmful food and drink. Absolutely avoids harmful habits such as smoking and drinking. It does not breathe the bad air of places such as coffee and game rooms. He does not tolerate behaviors that will endanger his health.

3- Dress cleaning: It is to keep our clothes clean, to use them nicely and to change and wash our dirty clothes immediately. Clean clothes do not mean new clothes. A clean and ironed dress looks good even if it is old. A garment that is not used negligently will have a long life.

Why do we clean? What does cleaning mean?
1- Providing an attractive inviting view of the area, creating areas without any signs of dust, dirt, garbage, keeping them clean at all times creates satisfaction for people.

2- Sanitary cleaning is very important in maintaining a healthy, germ-free environment. If the environment I am in is not clean enough, bacteria will form. Some bacteria pose life threats. As a result, diseases occur and even cause death. If those working in these areas do not comply with the specified cleaning rules, the possibility of dangerous consequences is high.

3- Items whose cleaning and care are taken care of will have a longer life.

4- Spilled garbage, dust, etc. Removal of substances is part of the importance of hygienic cleaning.

5- Bacteria reproduce very rapidly. The places they like the most are moist, warm, dirty, secluded areas.

6- We must strictly follow the cleaning rules in order to save ourselves and other people in the areas where we work.

What should you pay attention to in cleaning products?
1- Product names must be determined.

2- Tags should be read.

3- Product packaging should not be changed.

4- Acidic products and chlorinated products should never be used together.

5- Products should never be smelt or drunk.

6- The skin must be protected.

What are the benefits of cleaning? What does cleaning mean?
1- It makes cleaning places and environment attractive, attractive and aesthetic. It is ensured by effective cleaning that no traces of dust, dirt and garbage are left on the floors and they look beautiful.

2- The benefits of cleaning primarily provide a healthy environment. Hygiene is a top priority in both food and non-food areas. If a hygienic environment is not provided, bacteria will multiply and some harmful bacteria can cause diseases and deaths. For example, if bed linen and food containers of sick people are not cleaned and disinfected in hotels and hospitals.

Industrial Cleaning

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