Is the robot vacuum cleaner useful?

Have you come across robot vacuum cleaners?
You know those devices that wander around the house collecting dirt on their own, and then neatly sit on the charging unit?
Does it provide an effortless cleaning as said?
Does it deserve the money we will pay?
Which brand / model would you be more satisfied with?
I said that the best users can answer these questions and I asked them on Instagram. Look what those who use robot vacuum cleaners at home say ..

robot vacuum cleaner


  • I am very pleased. If anyone has small children, they should buy it. If it opens every day, they find something every day. It leaves no dust. It sweeps, I’m interested in another job or I’m out. I advise.

       * I have been using it for about 2 months. It literally saves lives. Just remove the things like cables etc. where it will be attached from the ground. In automatic setting, it performs both general sweeping and corner cleaning. Since my model has a sensor, it does not fall from the steps. I especially recommend it to those who have a cat at home. I empty its tank every day and I can’t believe the fluff coming out. 

        * I am very pleased. You set his clock and every day he goes around the house at that time, returns to his place and sits on the charging unit.

         * The best thing I got was a robot vacuum cleaner. My house has never been this clean. The time I spend with the vacuum cleaner is up to me. He can work even when he is away, and it is great to find the house very clean upon arrival.

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