7 hygiene rules

Without the hygiene rules, our country has exceeded the critical threshold in combating coronavirus. For this reason, it is expected that the measures will be gradually relaxed and a normalization process will begin with the hygiene rules. Of course, it is not possible for our lives to be the same as before, even if we return to social life, we will now have “new normals”. In other words, we have to pay attention to some hygiene rules for a long time in returning to social life. So, what are these rules? Here are important hygiene rules that we should pay attention to when returning to social life after coronavirus.

1. Washing your hands frequently

Washing your hands frequently

The importance of washing hands frequently in protecting against coronavirus has been emphasized since the first day. Although the epidemic has been brought under control, the issue of personal hygiene also comes to the fore in the normalization process. Therefore, hands should be washed after touching different surfaces and definitely avoided from contact with areas such as mouth, face and eyes. Hands should be washed for 20 seconds by rubbing thoroughly, rinsed thoroughly and dried with a disposable towel. This process should be repeated frequently during the day.

2.Use of masks

Unfortunately, we have to continue using masks until the coronavirus epidemic is completely over. When returning to social life and being in environments with other people, a mask must be used. Using masks means protecting both our own health and the health of others.

3. Avoiding crowded environments unless you have to

In the normalization process, hairdressers, shopping malls, sports halls, etc. Crowded areas such as will be reopened. However, the person limitation brought to such places, etc. It is aimed to prevent crowd formation with methods. However, we should not enter crowded environments unless it is necessary, as we need to take precautions personally. This means that we will socialize with a limited number of people for a certain period of time.

4. Social distance rule

Social distance rule

Even if we return to social life gradually with the control of the epidemic, the social distance rule will continue to remain with us as the new normal of our lives. For this, we need to keep a distance of at least 1.5 meters from people. However, in this way, it may be possible to avoid the second wave in the epidemic and to achieve the promising picture.

5. Disinfection of clothes after wearing them once

Disinfecting clothes after wearing them once

One of the new normals of our lives is the necessity to remove and disinfect the clothes we wear when going out as soon as we return home. In other words, it is not possible to sit at home with the clothes we wear outside as before. Therefore, even if we are involved in social life, it is necessary to pay the same attention to this issue. One of the hygiene rules we need to follow is to take off the clothes worn outside as soon as we come home and to air them immediately, then to wash them at high temperatures.

6. Spending time outdoors instead of visiting guests

Spending time outdoors instead of visiting guests

Since the coronavirus is transmitted by respiratory tract, it is no longer possible for us to go on crowded guest trips as before. We need to be careful about this and see and visit our loved ones in the open air as much as possible, following the social distance rule. Spending time outdoors is one of the most important measures we can take in the summer.

7. Food hygiene

Open buffet etc. after the coronavirus epidemic. Catering services are also a dream. Because eating out is not as comfortable and easy as we thought. Therefore, uncovered foods and ready-made foods should never be consumed. Even if we return to social life, we have to choose places where we trust food hygiene while eating out and be very careful in this regard.

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