Wondering About COVID-19 Vaccines

Why should we get the COVID-19 vaccine now?


The shortest answer to this question is “because there is no other remedy to get rid of the epidemic!” happens. For nearly a year, the whole world has been grappling with this epidemic that affects all countries we call pandemics in a political, economic, commercial, medical and scientific struggle. CoV-2 (COVID-19), a new hybrid of the virus called Corona, known for a long time, seriously affects all countries with a deadly and widespread infection.

There are three ways, two natural and one artificial, in order to successfully eradicate this epidemic disease, which does not have an effective and specific antiviral treatment. The first way is the vast majority of all people living in the world in an epidemic that lasts for years, naturally encounter the virus and create a social immunity, and eventually the survivors gain immunity and the epidemic ends naturally, that is, the event called “herd immunity” occurs.

This virus, which is open to mutation as the second natural way, goes through another major mutation (hybridization) and loses its ability to infect or disease from person to person and disappears like other Corona viruses. The mutation may also show a change that could cause the virus to become much more deadly, which then could be in danger of extinction (albeit very unlikely) for humanity. It is unpredictable how many years these natural events will cost mankind and the extent of the social damage it can cause. As can be seen, there is currently no other method that human beings can use in order to end this pandemic, other than the immunity we will gain through vaccination. In other words, there seems to be no other solution than getting vaccinated.

There are many medical cartels in the world, some of them multinational, that routinely produce vaccines and have the capacity to produce and develop a new vaccine. Among them, there is an incredible international competition and competition. Because now the medical cartel has become an enormous economic power and an industrial giant, surpassing many other cartels (weapons, petrochemicals, tourism, etc.). It would not be too hard to say that this competition is in an international dimension and that the race is continued by going beyond ethical values ​​from time to time. One of the reasons why many parts of the society are confused is the unfounded information pollution fueled by this competition and spreading rapidly in the internet environment. Nations that cannot strategically develop their own human vaccine technologies, like our countries, become the main targets of this information pollution.

After this short introduction, let’s try to answer the various questions that are curious about the COVID-19 vaccines among the public and healthcare professionals:

Which covid-19 vaccine should be preferred?
The shortest answer to this question is the vaccine “available in the shortest time and safely”. There will naturally be small differences between the scientific effectiveness of the vaccines prepared by various manufacturers with different techniques. Now the rules, phases, safety-efficacy rates, and even published scientific articles of vaccination studies are closely followed by other non-healthcare professionals in a media environment. Not only does this help make vaccination decisions, it becomes even more confusing and causes more harm than good. The current scientific data are not enough for us to make a comment about which company produced COVID-19 vaccine may be superior to another to extinguish the epidemic.

How many days apart is it better to be vaccinated for covid-19?
The human immune system responds to an antigen in an externally administered vaccine (this antigen can be the spike protein of the virus, the virus itself, or genetically engineered genetic sequences (m-RNA) that can synthesize virus particles) in a certain time. The immune system, which is an invisible system, needs 14-21 days to synthesize its own protective proteins (antibodies). Even if we do not notice it during this period, the immune system cells and tissues undergo a very intensive study against this new antigenic stimulation. First, the antibody, which we call the larger and uneconomical immunoglobulin M, is synthesized, this is a structure similar to the ready-made force in military service and is not an economic molecule. Storage time in the body is limited. Our immune system raises the immunoglobulin G antibodies to a sufficient level in a period of 14-21 days, which it can store longer and more economically, and the synthesis stages of this molecule in cells and tissues are prepared so that the antibody response time can be very short in the next real microbe contact.

Our protection occurs within 14-21 days after the first vaccination. In order to increase the effect and duration of this protection, a second vaccine is made so that the response of our immune tissues and cells to their memory is much stronger. For example, our Hepatitis-B vaccines (another vaccine prepared with genetic engineering technique) applied in childhood in our country are applied three times (first month, one-two months later and 6-12 months later) and give a life-long immunity after three applications. The hepatitis-B problem in our country has been reduced considerably with the practice since the early 2000s. The aim of the COVID-19 vaccines is to reach the antibody levels at an effective level as soon as possible. Immunity should also remain at a protective level for a while. 28 days determined in this respect make sense and science


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