HUNTER is the largest manufacturer of high pile technical textiles in Turkey.

It was founded by Imam Avci in 1951 and %100 of the company is still owned by his 3 sons Ilhan Avci, Raman Ali Avci and Cem Cagatay Avci.

Its plant is commissioned on 12,000 square meters which is situated in the industrial area of Taskopru ,Yalova. 

With advanced machinery systems, HUNTER manufactures high quality of woven plush fabric, synthetic fur and paint roller fabric. The capacity of this facility is 5,000 mt/day. At present, our company has a workforce of 40 people who supervise the processing of over 7 tons of yarns into technical textiles and woven fake fur fabrics on a daily basis. 

The main volume of production is distributed throughout Turkey and marketed domestically. The products are also being exported, and this ensures full utilization of the factory's total capacity. 

HUNTER is the largest woven high pile technical textile manufacturer and exporter in Turkey with an investment of 85 million $. HUNTER's production line also has, industrial cleaning mops, paint rollers and plastic parts for mops and paint rollers like; mop frames, plastic handles, plastic tubes,... 

Decart is the brand name of HUNTER for paint applicators. 

Hunt's is the brand name of HUNTER for industrial cleaning of flat mops, mop frames, trolleys, handles, ... 

HUNTER produces technical textiles for paint rollers, wax applicators, wash mitts, polishing pads, floor mops and all other cleaning materials requiring highly functional and consistent quality. HUNTER also produces woven plush fabrics for fashion in women's wear, men's wear and children's wear (coats, trimming, hats, scarfs).